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  • Latex Shine Slave

    When the door finally opened, her slave stepped inside and knelt before her. His eyes were wide with awe and admiration, and he was clearly eager to please her. The Mistress gestured for him to come closer. The slave complied, crawling closer to her and waiting for further instructions. The Mistress reached out and grabbed […]

  • A Short Chastity Story

    John, a man of authority, was accustomed to having the upper hand in all of his affairs- both personal and professional. His confidence was unparalleled, and he thought nothing could ever bring him down. Until one day, when a tall, mysterious woman approached him. Her latex rubber outfit and towering stilettos gave her an aura […]

  • The Cruel Mistress

    Mia had been a latex Mistress for many years. She enjoyed having men under her control, seducing them and turning them into willing mindless slaves who would do anything she commanded. She had a unique style, always wearing impossibly high heels and a head to toe latex catsuit, extreme corsets, and a latex hood with […]