The Cruel Mistress

Mia had been a latex Mistress for many years. She enjoyed having men under her control, seducing them and turning them into willing mindless slaves who would do anything she commanded. She had a unique style, always wearing impossibly high heels and a head to toe latex catsuit, extreme corsets, and a latex hood with a long braided ponytail. Her red lips were always parted in a knowing smirk, as if she was enjoying the power she had over her glassy eyed victims.

The men she chose to become her slaves were expected to help her dress in her extravagant outfits and to polish her latex to a perfect shine. Any imperfection was met with severe punishment. They were also kept in strict chastity devices that prevented them from accessing their genitalia without her permission which was rarely, if ever, given. Each subject was required to wear a metal collar that was permanently welded into place. This was to always remind them that they were completely owned by the Mistress, her property.

When it was time for Mistress Mia to go to sleep, she had a special ritual that involved being laced into a restrictive night time corset that started at her ankles and went all the way up to her neck. It took three strong men to cinch her into the leather and steel contraption every night, her figure was perfect because of this so the men did it without question and even fought between themselves for the honor and privilege of performing the act!

The men were lucky if they could catch a glimpse of her seductively walking by when she was in her corset and high heels, and they were reminded of their place in her world. They were completely devoted to her and would do anything she asked without question. Mia had a cruel and sadistic streak, but her slaves were mesmerized by her. They found themselves unable to resist her, and willingly submitted to her every whim and seemingly unending and outlandish ideas.

Mia was a cruel and powerful Mistress who enjoyed having her men under her control. She was proud of her ability to make them into willing slaves, and reveled in her power over them. Her victims were in awe of her, and could not help but surrender to her every command and every notion of pleasure and punishment!

Ts Mistress Mia





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