A Short Chastity Story

John, a man of authority, was accustomed to having the upper hand in all of his affairs- both personal and professional. His confidence was unparalleled, and he thought nothing could ever bring him down.

Until one day, when a tall, mysterious woman approached him. Her latex rubber outfit and towering stilettos gave her an aura of irresistible sensuality. He had never seen anything like this before and was instantly captivated. She sat next to him, and before he knew it, she proposed an offer that he couldn’t seem to refuse.

She said that she had been watching him for some time, and she could make him experience pleasure like he had never felt before. All he had to do was sign a simple piece of paper. John, trusting his instincts, signed the paper without reading it, thinking it was a harmless game. Little did he know, it was a contract that would give this mysterious woman absolute control over him and his cock from that moment on.

The woman, known only as the Mistress, took pleasure in using her newfound power. She began by locking him into a permanent chastity device, delighting in his inability to have any sexual gratification. She would revel in her control over him, watching as he struggled to maintain his composure. Day after day she would taunt and mercilessly tease to the point of almost madness, breaking the will of a self described alpha male was no easy task after all!

Eventually, John became so frustrated and desperate that he had no choice but to give in to the Mistress’s seemingly increasing demands. He surrendered himself to her, allowing her to have whatever she wanted. The Mistress was aroused by her newfound control over John, and she took great pleasure knowing that he was permanently locked into the device. She was the only one who could unlock it and allow his pleasure but that was not going to happen and John knew it.

John was now completely enslaved to the Mistress, and he had no choice but to obey her every command. She had tricked him into signing away his power, and there was no escape from her grasp.






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