Latex Shine Slave

When the door finally opened, her slave stepped inside and knelt before her. His eyes were wide with awe and admiration, and he was clearly eager to please her. The Mistress gestured for him to come closer.

The slave complied, crawling closer to her and waiting for further instructions. The Mistress reached out and grabbed the bottle of latex shine from her dressing table. She poured a generous amount onto his open palm, and then instructed him to lightly rub it into the bodysuit, taking care to make sure every inch was shined up to perfection or there would be consequences.

The slave carefully followed his Mistress’ instructions, rubbing the latex shine into the shiny black material until it glowed and sparkled. He worked diligently and with great care, ensuring that the bodysuit was completely covered in the glossy shine that his Mistress desired. After a few minutes, he was done and the Mistress smiled in excitement and approval.

The slave beamed with pride, knowing that he had done a good job and pleased his Mistress. He was relieved that he had completed the task to her satisfaction, and he knew that his hard work had been worth it. The Mistress thanked him for his loyalty and obedience!

As a reward, she allowed him to worship her extremely high heels and delicate feet, which were now glowing and sparkling just like the bodysuit. He felt a wave of joy as he touched and kissed her feet with reverence, grateful for the opportunity to serve her in such a way!





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