Rules and FAQ's

Have questions about my services? Take a look at my FAQ page for answers to your most commonly asked questions. From my rates and availability to my preferred forms of payment, I have provided all the information you need to make an informed decision.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions not listed here.

1. What BDSM activities do you specialize in?
I specialize in various kink-related activities like bondage, corporal, spanking, toy play, transformations, sissy dress-up, humiliation, role-play and more, each session is custom tailored based on your desires and limits.

2. What type of role-play scenarios do you work with?
I have experience with various role-play scenarios like Mistress/slave, teacher/student, pet play and lighter ones like boss/employee, let your imagination run wild as anything is possible. 

3. Do you engage in unsafe or harmful practices?
No, safety is paramount in all sessions. I do not engage in unsafe, harmful, or non-consensual practices.

4. How experienced are you as a professional Mistress?
I have over 15 years experience in providing BDSM and fetish services, I cater to varied intensity and all expertise levels.

5. What does a session with you entail?
Each session is personalized starting with a conversation, followed by domination activities, bondage, sensory deprivation and role-play, afterwards a talk about the session "aftercare" will also be included. 

6. Is prior training or prerequisites required for beginners?
Open-mindedness and honest communication about your desires, fears, and limits are the main prerequisites for beginners. We'll go through limits and desires before starting a session.

7. How should I prepare for a session?
Preparation depends on the session type, for online sessions ensure a private, uninterrupted space. In-person sessions require you to follow instructions completely and be well hydrated and clean inside and out. 

8. How is confidentiality and privacy handled?
Your personal information, session details, and identity are kept entirely confidential and won't be shared with anyone, ever. I understand the desire for privacy and discretion like no other, you and your kinks are safe with me. 

9. Is there a preliminary discussion process before a session?
Yes, we'll have discussions about your interests, boundaries, and desires which helps in framing the session and building a comfortable rapport.

10. Are there specific health conditions which could make a session risky?
If you have heart conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe asthma, or epilepsy, consult your doctor before engaging in BDSM. Always disclose any health conditions so we can make an informed decision together.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?
Major credit cards through Venmo are accepted for deposits and tributes, with Amazon eGift cards for deposits. Remaining balance is payable in cash on arrival.

12. What if a cancellation or rescheduling is needed?
Inform as quickly as possible, fees may apply, and deposits are forfeit if cancelled within 24 hours of session.
13. Can specific costumes or attire be requested?
Yes, specific outfits can be requested for both of us to enhance the overall session. I have no trouble with wardrobe requests. 

14. Do you offer sessions outside of Dallas?
Primarily Dallas-based but exceptions can be made. Details for FMTY sessions can be discussed.

15. Are pictures or videos taken during a session?
Yes, with your consent, images or videos can be discreetly taken during the session, ensuring your face is obscured and no identifying marks are shown. These are then made available to you via a Google Drive link where you can easily download them as a ZIP file for personal use or to share on your social media platforms.

16. Is there a minimum age requirement to book a session?
Yes, you must be at least 30 years old to book a session. 

17. Can I bring a friend or partner to my session?
Sessions are typically one-on-one, but if you'd like to involve a partner or friend, it may be arranged in special scenarios. Please specify this during our preliminary conversation.

18. How do I book a session?
You can book a session by sending an inquiry through my website booking form or via email. Please provide as much detail as possible about your preferences and what you would like to occur during the session. Make sure to include desired session date and time.

19. Is there usually a waiting period to book a session?
Booking in advance is always highly appreciated but I also have some flexibility to accommodate next day requests. Exact waiting periods can vary depending on the schedule but 48 hours notice is best.

20. How long does a typical session last?
A typical session lasts around 2 to 3 hours. However, shorter or longer sessions can be arranged based on your individual needs and requests. Please discuss duration preferences when booking.

21. What should I do if I accidentally cross a limit during a session?
We establish a safe word before each session that you can use at any time to pause or stop the session completely if your limits are crossed or if you're uncomfortable in any way.

22. How should I address you during a session?
You should typically address me as Mistress during our sessions, unless otherwise specified during our preliminary conversation.

23. Can I request a specific activity not mentioned in your list of specialties?
While I am experienced in a wide range of BDSM activities, I'm open to discussing specific activities that may not be mentioned in my specialties. It's vital to have this conversation before our session to ensure it's within safe and consensual boundaries.

24. Is it okay to bring my own toys or equipment to a session?
Yes, bringing your own toys or equipment may be possible. We would need to have a conversation ahead of the session to ensure it’s suitable and safe.

25. Can we stay in touch between sessions?
Yes, it's okay to keep in touch between sessions. Regular clients often keep in touch and it can be beneficial in building up trust and a better understanding for future sessions. However, please remember to respect my personal time and boundaries when maintaining contact outside session hours 🤗

Explore the thrilling world of BDSM and experience the pleasure of power exchange with Ts Mistress Mia. Enjoy kink play such as bondage, sadomasochism, roleplay, fetishes, spanking, humiliation, slave training, tease and denial, corporal punishment, chastity, sensory deprivation, and more!


Ts Mistress Mia provides in-person domination sessions for all experience levels. Whether you're new to BDSM and need guidance or an experienced player, Ts Mistress Mia will take you to the next level. Experience a safe and secure environment to explore your kinkiest desires with a true BDSM professional!

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