Tricked into Chastity

The devious latex mistress was a sight to behold. Her long legs were encased in shiny black latex, the catsuit clung to her curves and accentuated her ample breasts. She wore high heels that made her tower above everyone else in the room, and her face was heavily made up, giving her a mysterious and dangerous veneer.

The Mistress had a plan and she was ready to execute it. Her goal was to trick unsuspecting men into wearing permanent chastity devices, allowing her total control and access to their genitals, but denying them any pleasure. She knew it would take some cunning and skill to get them to agree, but she was confident she could do it.

The Mistress began her mission by scouring the local bars and clubs. She would sit at the bar, looking seductive and alluring, until a man took the bait. She would then engage him in conversation, making sure to mention her passion for chastity and her desire for control. She would then offer the man a “special deal” of sorts — if he agreed to wear her chastity device, she said, he would be allowed to remain sexually active with her, but with no access to his own genitalia unless she granted permission.

The men were often hesitant at first, but eventually, they would be swayed by the Mistress’ charm and promises of hedonistic pleasure. When they agreed, she would take them back to her private chamber, where she would secure the heavy metal device around their genitals and activate it, locking it tightly shut.

She would revel in the knowledge that she had successfully tricked another man into relinquishing control of his manhood. The Mistress loved this power, it was intoxicating, and it made her more devious and daring than ever. She would continue her mission, finding more men to trick and more permanent chastity devices to activate.

She found immense joy in being able to control the sexuality of men, and she would continue to use her seductive wiles to ensure her ultimate power over them for many years to come.






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