The Total Transformation Machine

It was all started by Mistress Mia who had the idea of creating a ” total transformation machine”. The machine was designed to transform any man into a frilly panty wearing sissy or whatever else the Mistress had in mind at the time. It was an intimidating and daunting machine, the men who went through the treatments would be forever transformed! Those that entered had to sign lengthy contracts and be made aware of everything the permanent transformation entailed, including their expected lifelong servitude and devotion to Mistress Mia!

The machine started by completely and permanently removing the men’s hair. This included all hair on their bodies, including head and pubic hair. Once the hair was removed, permanent makeup was applied to the subjects face. This treatment included blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and eyeliner. The lips were injected with filler to give a more plump and inviting look. Permanent long false eyelashes were expertly applied by the machine to achieve a more feminine appearance. Large breast implants are installed through a new technique that Mistress Mia devised, a very small incision is made and an empty bag is inserted in each breast, the bag is then filled to maximum capacity with silicone for the best effect! One stitch and the procedure is done with almost no pain only beautiful results. Nipples are enlarged, engorged, and pierced with large rings, all of this is done with a secret process, this makes the sissies new nipples extremely sensitive!

The next step was to install a permanently locked chastity device. This device would be worn by the sissy at all times and could not be removed. It was a symbol of the sissy’s obedience and ultimate commitment to their Mistress.

The sissy was then fitted with a pink collar that was permanently locked on. This collar had the sissy’s name and number engraved on the front of it so that the Mistress would always know who they were, and so that each was easily identifiable in case of the need to keep track of their whereabouts!

The sissy was then dressed in the frilliest and most feminine clothing possible. This included dresses, petticoats, and pink satin clothing with over the top frills. High heels were locked onto the sissy’s feet and they were also given pink wrist and ankle cuffs.

Some specially selected sissies had additional steps that were required of their transformation. These special girls went through the machine an additional time and were transformed into the Mistresses idea of the Ultimate French maid. These French maids wore black and white latex uniforms with permanently attached ballet boots, extremely tight locking corsets around their waists and neck, and were permanently muzzled so as to never speak again. This was an extreme transformation and very few were deemed worthy of it. Those that endured the maid transformation were held in the highest regard and considered top tier! They were required to serve their Mistress and her guests during events, parties, and other functions as well as to help their Mistress dress and to tirelessly serve her on a 24/7 basis.

Other sissies were completely sissified and turned into brainless huge breasted sissy bimbo sluts. These sissies had huge swollen red lips and their gag reflexes were surgically removed by the machine so that they could more easily perform their duties! They were required to service men orally and were upset if their throats were not completely filled every minute of the day. These sissies were never fed or given water, they were to only eat the mens ejaculate as breakfast lunch and dinner and hopefully get the added bonus of being used as a urinal afterwards!

The machine was a success and the sissies were forever transformed. They were obedient and served their Mistress without question for as long as she would have them, or until she decided to sell her creation to a new Master or Mistress.

Ts Mistress Mia latex hood and ponytail





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