The Shine Boy

Mistress Mia strutted through her chambers wearing her favorite black latex bodysuit that hugged her curves perfectly. She added a pair of glossy black stockings and a pair of shiny oxford-style high heels to complete her look. She waited patiently for her sub to arrive, ready to be put to work.

The door opened and her sub walked in, eyes wide with awe and admiration as he took in her outfit. Mistress Mia motioned for him to kneel before her and he complied without hesitation. She commanded him to worship her heels and begin shining her latex legs to perfection.

The sub began by running his tongue along the length of her heels, excitedly lapping up every inch of her exotic shoes. He moved up her legs and caressed her stockings, making sure to take extra time to make them shine. When he reached her bodysuit, he used his hands and a special shine liquid to massage the latex until it was glossy and smooth.

Mistress Mia reveled in delight as her sub devotedly worshipped her every inch for two full hours. Those hours flew by all too quickly, yet she felt a powerful sense of control as he worked diligently and tirelessly to please her and bring her to a gleaming shine. When she deemed his efforts satisfactory, she praised him and rewarded him with the privilege of releasing his spunk onto her freshly-polished shoes. But this came with a caveat: he must clean up his mess entirely and immediately with his tongue!

As her sub left, Mistress Mia admired her reflection in the mirror. She felt beautiful and powerful in her outfit and knew she had made the right decision to wear it today. She knew her sub would be back soon, ready to serve her again.

Ts Mistress Mia latex bodysuit, stockings, and oxford style high heels





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