Strict Nurse Mia

Strict Nurse Mia is a highly experienced medical fetish practitioner who specializes in unique procedures that offer a sublime experience for her clients. Mia is a statuesque woman with short blonde hair, a shiny red nurse’s uniform, and pristine black latex gloves. Her clients describe her as stern but approachable, and she prides herself on providing a safe and comfortable medical fetish experience.

Today, she was waiting for her latest patient to arrive. She had already prepared the room for their session, setting up the various medical devices and thinking about the various procedures she would perform. She had arranged the exam table and positioned the restraining straps, and was just about to start sterilizing the instruments when the patient walked in.

Mia had the patient sit in the chair and began her treatment. Mia’s five medical fetish procedures are designed to deliver a highly pleasurable experience. Her medical examination begins with an intimate body check-up, where she carefully inspects every inch of her client’s body with her latex-clad hands. Then she moves on to her signature enema treatment, which involves gently administering a warm wet solution to cleanse the body. Afterwards, she will perform a gentle prostate massage on her patient to stimulate the release of endorphins and check for “fullness”. With her patient in a relaxed state, Nurse Mia will then take the time to conduct a professional sounding session, which involves inserting a special metallic probe into their urethra. To finish off, Mia will then perform a vacuum therapy session with her state of the art machine to create a stimulating suction sensation that will leave her patient feeling invigorated.

Once the session was complete, Mia would help the patient out of the chair and escort them to the door. As they left, she would remind them to come back soon for another session.

Mia knew that her treatments were not for everyone. But for those who knew what they wanted, she could provide an experience that could not be found anywhere else.





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