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Ts Mistress Mia: Dallas's Elite Ts Dominatrix

Venture into the enthralling realm of BDSM with Ts Mistress Mia, Dallas's premier Transexual Dominatrix. With a wide selection of in-person and virtual sessions, she offers a safe, sane, private, and consensual exploration of bondage, kink, fetish, and roleplay. Experience the pinnacle of professional BDSM, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure with the most trusted and celebrated Ts Dominatrix in Dallas!



Within my dominion, you'll discover an exquisite array of services, each designed to tantalize and challenge your deepest desires and darkest fantasies. Allow me to guide you through just a taste of what awaits under my expert control!
TS MISTRESS MIA Latex and Leather Worship
Latex and Leather

Adorn yourself in the sleek caress of latex or the rich embrace of leather, or simply admire as I envelop my form in these sumptuous materials. Together, we'll explore the intoxicating power of these textures.

TS MISTRESS MIA Corporal Punishment
Corporal Punishment

Prepare to submit to my discerning hand or implements of choice. From a firm, disciplinary spanking to the precise sting of a whip, each strike will bring you closer to the exquisite balance of pain and pleasure.

TS MISTRESS MIA High Heel Worship
High Heel Worship

Prostrate yourself at my feet and pay homage to my towering heels. You'll find the act of worshiping my elegant footwear or delicate feet can be an intensely gratifying experience, elevating your submission to new heights.

Toy Play

Journey with me through a world of devious toys and implements. From the teasing vibrations of dildos to the fulfilling stretch of plugs, each tool is an extension of my will, aimed at extracting your deepest responses.


Feel the sweet restraint of ropes, cuffs, or belts as I skillfully bind you. In your immobility, discover the freedom of surrender, where every movement is a dance of trust and anticipation.

TS MISTRESS MIA Sensory Deprivation
Sensory Deprivation

Surrender your senses to me and embark on an internal voyage. As I blindfold you, mask your hearing, or otherwise limit your senses, every touch, sound, and scent will be amplified in your heightened state of awareness.

TS MISTRESS MIA Sissy Dress-Up Play
Sissy Dress-Up Play

Step into a transformative world of feminization. I'll guide you through the thrill of sissy play, selecting attire that reshapes not just your body but also your sense of self, encouraging full immersion into your sissified persona.

TS MISTRESS MIA Sensual Domination
Sensual Domination

Experience domination with a softer, more erotic touch. Through light restraints, teasing, and sensory play, I'll lead you to the brink of desire and back, all while maintaining a deep, tantalizing connection that keeps you yearning for more.

Role Play

Dive into your fantasies with tailored role-play scenarios. Whether you're seeking the discipline of an authority figure or the care of a nurturing presence, I'll craft an experience that fully immerses you in your chosen narrative.


I offer tailored in-person and virtual domination services to adults 30+. Latex fetish to leather bondage, slave training to sissy transformation and much more. Enjoy a clean, safe and sober environment with a trusted professional. 10am to 8pm - 7 days a week. Questions? tsmistressmia@gmail.com or 469-269-5141
1-Hour Session - $450

Experience Introduction:
This is a perfect introductory experience for those new to the world of BDSM or my specific services. It's designed to provide you with a tantalizing taste of my expertise and the array of services I offer. This session is ideal for individuals looking to explore a specific fantasy or kink in a brief yet intense setting. During this time, you can begin to understand your preferences and limits, all while under my skilled guidance and care.

Detailed Breakdown: 
In a 1-hour session, you can expect a focused and intense experience. Here's what a typical session might involve:

• Consultation: We'll begin with a brief discussion to set the tone, go over safe words, and ensure all questions are answered. For first-timers can be particularly beneficial.
• Main Activity: This is where the core of the session takes place. Depending on your interests, this may involve light bondage, sensory play, or other agreed-upon activities. My approach is always personalized, ensuring you experience is unique.
• Cooldown and Debrief: After the main activities, we'll spend some time winding down. This is a crucial part of the experience, allowing for reflection, aftercare, and any necessary emotional support.

Throughout the session, my focus is on creating a safe, exciting, and fulfilling experience. I pay close attention to your reactions and comfort levels, making adjustments as needed to ensure a positive and memorable journey into BDSM. Whether you're seeking to explore a new aspect of your sexuality or simply curious about my services, this 1-hour session is a great starting point.

2-Hour Session - $800

Deep Dive Exploration: 
The 2-hour session is designed as a comprehensive journey into your desires and fantasies. It's the most popular choice, offering ample time for a deeper exploration of the BDSM world. This session is perfect for those who wish to not just taste but savor the experience, allowing for a more relaxed pace and the opportunity to explore multiple dynamics, kinks, or scenarios.

Extended Interaction:
With double the time of the introductory session, you'll have the opportunity to delve into a more complex and nuanced exploration of your desires. This extended session allows for a gradual build-up and more intricate play, ensuring a satisfyingly deep experience.

Detailed Breakdown:
Here's how a typical 2-hour session might unfold:

• Extended Consultation: A longer consultation period allows us to discuss your interests and boundaries in greater detail. We can plan a more elaborate scene or series of activities, ensuring every minute is tailored to your desires.
• Main Activities: With more time, we can engage in a variety of activities or focus on a few select practices you're particularly curious about. This might include more advanced bondage, sensory deprivation, role-play, or a combination of several elements. The extended duration means the intensity can ebb and flow, creating a more dynamic and fulfilling experience.
• In-depth Cooldown and Debrief: A longer session requires a more thorough cooldown period. We'll spend time discussing your reactions, providing aftercare, and ensuring you feel grounded and cared for before you leave.

In the 2-hour session, you'll find the space to explore and express your desires more fully. The extended time allows for a journey that is both diverse and profound, offering a richer and more immersive experience. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of BDSM or simply wish to lose yourself in the experience for a little longer, this session promises to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

3-Hour Session - $1000

Ultimate Experience:
The 3-hour session is the pinnacle of personalized BDSM exploration, offering an unrivaled opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the depths of your fantasies. This premium package is for those who seek not just to explore but to truly inhabit their desires, providing ample time for an intricate, profound experience.

Exclusive Access & Advanced Play:
With three hours at our disposal, you gain exclusive access to the most sophisticated aspects of BDSM, including advanced techniques and scenarios that require more time and skill. This session is particularly suited to individuals who have a clear vision of what they wish to experience or who enjoy the slow, intense build-up of a meticulously crafted scene.

Detailed Breakdown:
Here's what you can anticipate during a 3-hour session:

• In-Depth Consultation: This extended consultation ensures every aspect of the session is perfectly aligned with your expectations. We'll delve into your desires, discuss detailed scenarios, and plan a session that's as intellectually stimulating as it is physically.
• Extended Main Activities: The heart of the session is a prolonged, varied experience allowing for a deep dive into your kinks and fantasies. There's time to explore a range of activities, switch between dynamics, and truly savor each moment. The pace will be carefully managed to intensify your experience and ensure maximum enjoyment.
• Comprehensive Cooldown and Debrief: After such an intense journey, a substantial period is dedicated to your aftercare and reflection. This is a crucial time to reconnect with yourself, discuss your experiences, and receive the care you need to leave feeling rejuvenated and validated.

The 3-hour session with me is more than just an appointment; it's a comprehensive journey tailored to the depths of your psyche. It's designed for those who wish to push boundaries, explore in depth, and enjoy the luxurious expanse of time in which to unfold the most intimate fantasies. With every detail curated to provide an unparalleled experience, you're guaranteed an encounter that's as unique as you are.

Extended Sessions - $300
Each Additional Hour

Prolonged Indulgence:
For an intensely immersive experience, extend your session beyond 3 hours at $300 per additional hour, up to 8 hours total. This offers a luxurious opportunity to dive deeper into your BDSM journey, exploring complex scenarios, intricate role-plays, and tailored dynamics. Enjoy the luxury of time and the depth of exploration in these extended hours, promising a transformative and unforgettable journey under my expert guidance.

Virtual Sessions

Live Skype Video Call:
• 1 Hour - $300
Immerse yourself in a vivid, interactive session with me via Skype. This live video call offers an hour of intense, personal engagement, allowing for a deeper connection and a more visually dynamic experience.

One-on-One Phone Call:
• 1 Hour - $200
Connect directly and intimately with a one-hour phone call. This option provides a discreet yet personal way to explore your desires and receive my guidance, all with the convenience and privacy of voice communication.

Phone Consultation:
• 15 Minutes - $50
Ideal for complete novices or those seeking initial guidance, this brief consultation is a perfect starting point. We'll discuss your interests, boundaries, and any questions you may have. It's also recommended for those without references, providing a safe and informative introduction to our potential journey together.

Each option is designed with your discretion and satisfaction in mind, ensuring a comfortable experience that respects boundaries and encourages exploration.


To lock in your preferred session time and day, a $200 deposit is required. This standard practice ensures our mutual commitment. Conveniently make your deposit via Venmo or Amazon gift card below. Remember, this amount will be deducted from your total session fee which should be brought in cash upon arrival.

• Fast and easy! Sign up for Venmo if you haven't already

• Send your deposit to my handle: @TsMissMia

• Do not use the phone number (469) 269-5141 - it won't work!

• For verification, the last four digits are 3599

Amazon Gift Card

• Amazon eGift cards are a quick and discreet option.

• Simply purchase an eGift card using my email address for the recipient, tsmistressmia@gmail.com

• Alternatively, buy an Amazon gift card with cash at retailers like CVS or Walgreens and email or text me the "claim code" from the grey peel off area on the back.

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Mistress Mia provided me with an incredible in-person session. Her knowledge of BDSM is outstanding and she is extremely professional. She made sure that I felt safe and respected throughout the session, while also providing an intensely satisfying experience. I would highly recommend her services!

John, Dallas Tx

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