For over a decade, Mistress Mia has been providing reliable and trusted domination sessions in her well-equipped dungeon in Dallas, Texas. As a pre-op male-to-female transsexual, she is experienced in bondage, toy play, popper play, sissy training, high heel/foot play, sensual latex worship, etc. With a warm, personable demeanor, and a reputation for being both knowledgeable and humorous, Mistress Mia offers in-person, live Skype, and phone sessions so you can enjoy her services wherever you are! Unlock the thrilling world of kink with one of the most remarkable and talented Mistresses around - book your session now!

Your Friend in Fetish!

I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore your kinkiest desires without fear. Your boundaries, privacy, and gender identity will always be respected here. My play space is fully-equipped to handle all aspects of BDSM, giving us the opportunity to explore together. I'm passionate about introducing people to the liberating power of domination, the mental freedom of bondage, the sexiness of play, the addictive nature of subspace, and the amazing fantasy world of fetish. Come and experience it all with someone you can trust, where you can truly let go!

"Experience the thrill of domination with Ts Mistress Mia. Put yourself in her experienced and knowledgeable hands, and explore the deepest realms of desire."

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Are you ready?

Are you ready to take your BDSM experience to the next level? Then look no further than an in-person domination session with the renowned Ts Mistress Mia. She is a highly experienced dominant and has been providing her services to clients for many years. As a true professional, she will provide you with an experience you will never forget. For just a small tribute, you can experience the big thrill of being completely under the control of a skilled and attentive Mistress. Her exquisite style of domination is sure to leave you feeling both satisfied and empowered. By the end of the session, you will be begging for more. So don't wait, book your session with Mistress Mia today and take your BDSM journey to the next level!


In-Person Session Rates

I provide domination sessions for all gender identities, in-person, over the phone, or via Live Skype, seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. To ensure a quality experience, I respectfully request that all participants be at least 30 years of age. Tributes are set at a reasonable, all-inclusive flat rate with no hidden costs or surprises. Early sessions are preferred!


One Hour In-Person Session

A deposit of 200 is required, which is deducted from the total tribute amount

An hour is the perfect duration for clients who have previously worked with me or those who know exactly what they want to achieve from their session – neither too short nor too long!


Two Hour In-Person Session

A deposit of 200 is required, which is deducted from the total tribute amount

Spending two hours together will allow us to become more familiar with each other, without feeling rushed. Additionally, it will give us the opportunity to more deeply explore any kinks or fetishes you may have.


Three Hour In-Person Session

A deposit of 200 is required, which is deducted from the total tribute amount

A three hour session is ideal for all, especially for those who find it difficult to reach subspace quickly or those who wish to push their boundaries further. Moreover, the atmosphere is much more "laid-back".


Extended Hours In-Person Session

A deposit of 200 is required, which is deducted from the total tribute amount

Sessions of 4 hours or longer are easy to calculate. For each hour after 3 hours, simply add 300 to the base rate of 1100. For example, a 4 hour session is 1400 (1100 + 300), and a 6 hour session is 2000 (1100 + 900).
Extended sessions are perfect for full service sissy transformations and extended bondage-centric play!

Phone or Live Skype Session Rates

Phone and live video Skype sessions now available!


One Hour Phone or Live Skype Video Session

Simply tribute in full through whichever method below

Experience an extraordinary and deeply intimate connection with me for an hour either on the phone or in a live video session via Skype! Discover a diverse array of topics such as getting to know me on a personal level, indulging in latex and leather lingerie, high heel boots, stockings, bondage, sissy transformation and forced fem fantasies, and more!
The possibilities are endless, we can have some fun no matter where you are in the world!

Deposit & Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay your in person session deposit and tribute amounts. Each method works great, just let me know which one you want to do (or have done already) in the contact form at the bottom of the website!

200 is the standard deposit amount unless instructed otherwise.


📱 Pay with the Venmo app on your phone

Venmo is a pretty cool service that's easy and quick to sign up for on your phone. You're pretty much as anonymous as you want to be, put whatever name you want in the name field when you sign up and set your account to private!
My name on Venmo is @TsMissMia
If you're on a computer use the button below to bring up the QR code, then just point your phone camera at the code and you're all set!


💳 Amazon gift cards are the industry standard

When paying tribute or deposit via Amazon gift card please use my email address
and in the message section put "Phone, Skype, Tribute, or Deposit" in there so I know what it's for! Amazon is safe and easy, many people use this method with great success. It may take a couple of hours once you've sent the card to get to me though, this mainly depends on the amount sent, but it will get here eventually!
*You may also buy a card with cash at your local CVS or Walgreens and send me the "claim code" from the back!

Interests and Activities

I'm always thrilled to explore the innermost depths of desire and to unbridle fettered fantasy! From intimate hour-long phone/Skype sessions to full-on in-person submersion, I'm confident that the options are limitless, and that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to life. That's why I'm passionate about embracing an array of activities, including BDSM, Heavy Bondage, In-Person Domination, Spanking, Flogging, Latex & Leather Fetish, Power Exchange, Every Kink, Role Play, Impact Play, High Heel & Boot Worship, Foot Worship, Sissy Training, Popper Play, Cock & Ball Torture, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Chastity/Keyholder, Crossdressing, Complete Transformation, Tease & Denial, and Sensory Deprivation.

Exploring the world of kink can be an incredibly enriching and fulfilling experience, offering unique sensations and pleasures that you may never have previously imagined. From the exhilaration of discovering something new to the satisfaction of mastering a long-held fantasy, I'm excited to share this journey with you. Together, we can push our boundaries and uncover interests and activities that bring unparalleled joy and satisfaction in a way nothing else can!

Every gadget, gag, and gizmo

My well equipped playspace has every BDSM-related gadget, gag, and gizmo. As a Professional Mistress, I have a huge selection of unique accessories. I have the tools to get the job done and done right. Want to try a Venus 2000 milker but don't want to pay a fortune? Curious about a latex vacuum bed, straight jacket, or bondage bag but can't do any of that to yourself? I also offer expert electro stimulation with the Erostek or Estim-2. Just ask and I probably have whatever device you have in mind, literally just about every gadget, gag, and gizmo!

Yes it's clean!

All dungeon equipment is sterilized and sanitized to the highest standard possible using Hospital grade disinfectant, UVC light, 91% alcohol, and antibacterial soaps between uses to ensure ultimate cleanliness!


Social Media

These are the only official links to my social media accounts: Twitter, Fetlife, OnlyFans, and Skype.
Any contact from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Tiktok, or a "backup" Twitter account is NOT from me.

Can't make it to see me in person?

If you're unable to make it to my live sessions in Dallas, I want to let you in on an amazing secret - my Official OnlyFans page! On there, you'll find sissy transformations, slave bondage, and lots of behind the scenes pics and videos of yours truly! I'm so grateful to all of my members who have already shown their support - thank you for helping me make my dreams come true! As a special treat, I'm giving away a free month of access to my OnlyFans page - no strings attached. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a member and supporting my kinky endeavors. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - join me on OnlyFans today!

Like Stories and Erotic Fiction?

Well you're in luck, I just so happen to have a whole blog entitled "Dominatrix Diaries" just for you! Check out my erotic BDSM and Fetish writings for free! Here you'll find stories, experiences and fantasies that are sure to ignite your kinky passions! So go ahead, explore my stories, I'm sure you'll find something to get your creative juices flowing!

Video chats with Nicholas Tanek
Parts I & II

I sit down and have a few candid chats with Nicholas Tanek! The buttons below will take you to! Part I was filmed May 2018 and Part II was filmed in Feb 2020!

Forced Womanhood Magazine Issue 80

Feature interview with exotic TS Mistress Mia who takes her slaves on a unique transformation, an in depth interview, exclusive pics, plus lots more!

Forced Womanhood magazine issue 80 is now discreetly available in a PDF format download for only $10 🎉


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