Ts Mistress Mia is an experienced and trusted Transexual Mistress based in Dallas Texas USA.

She's been safely and sanely performing successful in person domination sessions in her well equipped play space for more than a decade! In person sessions involving bondage, toy play, popper play, sissy training and sensual latex worship ignite her erotic desires! She delicately incorporates her own unique brand of seduction, teasing, domination and control into every custom session to "seal the deal" like no one else can!

Terms like Mistress, Dominatrix, and Pro Domme seem very broad reaching when trying to describe her... Kinky Minx, Latex Queen, Titillating Tease, Transformation Artist, Slut Mentor, Bad Boot Bitch, and Sissy Trainer seem to fit much better!

On a more physical note, Ts Mistress Mia is a "pre-op male-to-female transsexual". This means she has male genitalia but she identifies emotionally and psychologically as a female in every other way. A few minutes in person with her and you'll see just how natural and feminine she truly is. Most subs notice that apprehension and nervousness falls away and turns into excitement faster than they can say "Yes Mistress"!

Her personality has been described as upbeat, personable and funny. She feels that life is too short to be miserable all the time, just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to stop having fun, quite the opposite in her book!

Ts Mistress Mia is your "go to" Mistress for all things kink, fetish, and fantasy related! If you're looking for someone that's understanding, reliable, trustworthy, sober, and extremely knowledgable in all manner of BDSM play then look no further, you've found her!

Reach out and schedule an in-person Domination session, a Skype session, or an arousing Phone conversation today!

Your Friend in Fetish!

First and foremost, let me say that your limits, your privacy, and your gender identity will always be respected here. I understand those things on an intimate level and hope to provide a calm nurturing environment where you can truly let go and just be yourself. My fully equipped play space is set up to handle most anything and everything BDSM related, this allows for all kinds of ways for us to spread our kinky wings together! Some of the more enjoyable things for me personally are showing you how good BDSM can be, how mentally liberating tight bondage actually is, how much sexier our playtime is than sex, how addictive subspace is, and how amazing it feels to finally get to dip your toes into the exciting world of fetish and fantasy with someone you can trust!

Communication is Key.

A little communication will go a long way so don't be afraid to let me know what you're interested in and also what you're concerned about. If you can't have marks, I completely understand, If you're claustrophobic, I understand that too. If you want to be totally feminized from head to toe or simply treated like a slave for a couple of hours, I'm definitely here for you. Communication is key to a good session so please let me know what you expect to achieve during your time with me. 
I'd also like to thank you for trusting me to be your guide along this erotic journey and allowing me to help you realize your fetishes and fantasies, after all I'm here to help bring them to life!


Session Rates

I accept Gentlemen, Ladies and Couples for in person domination sessions, phone sessions, and Live Skype sessions. All gender identities are accepted and respected here. Please be at least 30 years of age.

Sessions are from 10am until 7pm, 7 days a week. Early sessions are preferable!

Tributes are set at a reasonable flat rate and are all inclusive, no up-charges, no surprises.


One Hour In-Person Session

100 Deposit Required (subtracted from tribute amount)

One hour is perfect for clients that have sessioned with me before or for those who know exactly what they're looking to get out of a session, not too short not too long!


Two Hour In-Person Session

100 Deposit Required (subtracted from tribute amount)

Two hours let's us get to know each other a little better and not be rushed. It also gives us a chance to more thoroughly explore kinks and fetishes that take a little longer to achieve.


Three Hour In-Person Session

100 Deposit Required (subtracted from tribute amount)

Three hours is perfect for everyone, especially those that can't seem to reach subspace quickly or would like to further push their limits. The atmosphere is also much more "relaxed".


One Hour Phone/30 Minute Skype (Video) Session

No Deposit Required (not necessary, just tribute in full)

You heard it right, have an indepth phone conversation with me for an hour or have a live video Skype session with yours truly for 30 minutes, the choice is yours! Session topics could include getting to know me, what an in person session would be like, latex leather lingerie high heel boot and stocking fetishes, bondage fantasies, sissy and forced fem fantasies, etc!

Deposit & Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay your in person session deposit and tribute amounts. Each method works great, just let me know which one you want to do (or have done already) in the contact form at the bottom of the website!

100 is the standard deposit amount unless instructed otherwise.


πŸ“± Pay with the Venmo app on your phone

Venmo is a pretty cool service that's easy and quick to sign up for on your phone. You're pretty much as anonymous as you want to be, put whatever name you want in the name field when you sign up and set your account to private!
My name on Venmo is @TsMissMia
If you're on a computer use the button below to bring up the QR code, then just point your phone camera at the code and you're all set!


πŸ’³ Amazon gift cards are the industry standard

When paying tribute or deposit via Amazon gift card please use my email address
and in the message section put "Phone, Skype, Tribute, or Deposit" in there so I know what it's for! Amazon is safe and easy, many people use this method with great success. It may take a couple of hours once you've sent the card to get to me though, this mainly depends on the amount sent, but it will get here eventually!


πŸ’Ž ETH is now accepted for payment and tribute

If you want to pay your tribute with ETH then that's great! Just make sure to follow up your payment with a quick email or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let me know! Only send ETH though no other crypto currency will work!


πŸ’΅ An alternative and anonymous CASH method

The alternative "anonymous" cash method is to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase an amazon gift card in person with cash at the register, then scratch off the "claim code" area on the back of the card and send me those numbers through text or email, I'll load them into my account and you're all set! Example of gift card picture click here!


Areas of Interest

Here are a few areas of interest that we might focus on in a session! There are many kinky things I'm interested in so if you don't see your interest listed here that's ok, feel free to let me know what you're thinking and let's work it out together!

The Ultimate High Heel Experience

Be the Heel Bitch of your dreams

Do fantasies of stiletto pumps and thigh high boots torment most waking moments? Are you bewitched by the beauty and entranced by the ultimate feminine power high heels exude? Is there no way to express these tumultuous desires in your current situation?
Well fear no more friend, you've found a Mistress that understands those needs and desires and can really help! Finally you'll be able to wear high heels, learn to walk in them, delicately lace your Mistress into her extreme thigh high boots, master the art of worshipping her lipstick red 7 inch stiletto pumps, worship/wear ballet boots too? oh yes! 

The "There's Nothing Like Latex" Session

Rubber and Latex Lovers Rejoice

Latex holds a special place in the fetish realm, so shiny, so tight, wearing it is truly like nothing else, and the smell is divine! Your Mistress understands nothing else will do once the lust for latex rears it's glistening rubber covered head! 
Mistress Mia will guide you along your journey with care and hopefully fulfill a few lifelong latex desires along the way. The Mistress is an incurable latex fetishist herself, so you're in good hands! Curious about latex hoods, gags, gloves, corsets, bondage bags, lingerie, inflatables, full latex enclosure from head to toe? Great! Mistress Mia has you covered, Literally!

Full Transformation Session

CD TV TS SISSY Fun and Friendly

Mistress Mia loves playing dress up with other "girls", she loves transforming an otherwise "normal" man into a sexy little thirst trap that can't get enough! she loves making you look sexy, but more importantly... feeel sexy!
Learn how to do pro level makeup, how to present yourself confidently in the most feminine way, hair removal do's and don'ts, how to derive pleasure from pleasing others, and learn the closely held secrets to giving the best bj ever! You'll be the most popular girl in town no doubt!
Please don't be shy, let your Mistress know what kind of transformation you've been dreaming of and she'll make it happen, no stress, no pressure! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

So Much Bondage Session

When it's good you can't get enough

Mistress Mia embraces every opportunity to share her fondness of bondage with enthusiasts from all over the world.
The Mistress understands what it is to put yourself completely at the mercy of another, she understands the level of trust this ultimately entails. She knows the full meaning of the word "Bondage" inside and out, so put aside your fears for a few moments, you're in the most capable hands imaginable. You'll finally be able to sit back and safely enjoy the addictive and increasingly restrictive experience you've been desperately craving all these years!

Shopping Slave Session

Shop till you drop

Mistresses always need new stuff and Mistress Mia is no exception! She loves shopping and has a special place in her heart for those that want her to have shiny tight fetish related things. Maybe you can't meet her in person but you can certainly brighten her day with a new latex outfit or some fancy new shoes or boots! 
This session is basically done over the phone or through email, there is no charge for the session itself but a $250 minimum purchase amount is required, this is not hard to do with fetish gear btw! We can even add some kinky things for you if you're thinking about attending an in-person session and want something special for yourself but are unable to have it shipped to your home address.
Let's have some fun and shop till you drop! πŸ›

Casual "Let's Talk" Session

Let's Talk about it

I understand sometimes it's good to sit down and simply have a conversation with someone that knows what the hell you're talking about. I'm quite a conversationalist and can absolutely talk about any subject at length. BDSM subjects are some of my favorite and really one of the topics you may not be able delve into with anyone else. I also have no trouble with current events, politics, and giving advice, I'm also a good listener. You might be surprised what you can learn from sitting down with a Mistress for an hour or two and how cathartic it can be!

Chastity/Keyholder Service

How does it work?

I've had many inquiries about this subject so I decided to just offer it as a service and explain how it works!  First we discuss a window of time you'll be locked away in your chastity device and mutually agree upon it. Generally two weeks is the minimum and we can discuss the maximum. You then send your key to me, I lock it up in a very rugged combination safe and mail it back to you. Only I know the combination to the safe but you will have the key in your possession. There is security in this also incessant torment in having the key soooo close!  While locked up a daily devotion photo is required to be taken and sent to me as proof.  There are games to be played but those are not discussed beforehand. Sound great or does it sound really great!  This amazing service is only $200 per month, let's do it!

Fetish Medical Play Session

It's for your own good!

You're in skilled and capable hands with Nurse Mia, she can be strict or she can be kind and understanding but she's always 100 percent FETISH!
Nurse/Patient role play, prostate health exam, blood pressure and temp checks, sounds, saline, electro therapy, straight jacket confinement, and much more!
Nurse Mia offers a whole range of devious treatments sure to cure any ailment! 

More Areas of Interest

🐴 Ponygirl and Ponyboy training!
😡 Hypnotism / Power of Suggestion
πŸ—£ Popper play (Only the BEST!)
πŸ“ Paddling, Spanking, Caning, Single Tail Whipping, and Flogging
✨ Latex/Leather Worship and Fetish
πŸ‘‘ Foot Worship
πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ Bondage!
πŸ’¦ Body fluid Play (Piss, Spit, Sweat, etc.)
πŸ’‹ Sensual Domination
πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Forced Feminization
πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Cross Dressing
πŸ“¦ Total Enclosure (Latex or Leather)
πŸ—£ Oral Training/Gags
πŸ‘  Boot/High heel Worship
πŸ‘ƒ Smell Fetish (armpit, feet, etc.) 
πŸ‘‹ Face Slapping/Spitting
🚽 Toilet Training
πŸ’‹ Tease and denial
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš•οΈ Role Play (Mistress/slave, Nurse/patient)
πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Maid Training
⚑️ Sensory Deprivation
πŸ‘  Trampling
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Intro to BDSM for novices
😡 Humiliation (Physical/Mental)
πŸ’‰ Medical play
🚭 No Smoking Allowed
πŸ—£ Breath Control
⚑️EROSTEK 312B and TENS unit Play
⚑️Violet-wand Electro Play
πŸ“ Corporal Punishment, Mild to Severe 
πŸ”© CBT
πŸ” Chastity/Keyholder
πŸ† Strap-on Toy Worship and Play
πŸŽ€ Sissy Dress Up!
βœ… and much more just ask!

Every gadget, gag, and gizmo

My well equipped playspace is stocked to the brim with just about every gadget, gag, and gizmo you can imagine! I've been a Professional Mistress for many years and over that time I've aquired a large amount of "one of a kind" and "over the top" BDSM related accessories! Like a good auto mechanic a Mistress needs the right tools to get the job done and done right! Loose lug nuts just won't do (couldn't resist)!
Have you always wanted to try the Venus 2000 milker but didn't want to shell out a thousand bucks to do so? or maybe you've always been curious about a latex vacuum bed or latex bondage bag or you've been wondering about an electro experience with the Erostek or Estim2? Well wonder no more, you can experience the best those devices have to offer and more under your Mistresses watchful eye and expert tutelage! Have a special device in mind for your session? Just ask and your Mistress probably has it!

Yes it's clean!

All dungeon equipment is sterilized and sanitized to the highest standard possible using Hospital grade disinfectant, UVC light, 91% alcohol, and antibacterial soaps between uses to ensure ultimate cleanliness!


"She really understood what I was looking for, it was surprisingly easy to let it all go and become putty in her capable hands."

β€œThere's only one word to describe Mistress Mia, and that word is perfection. I've been meeting with Mistress Mia over the past year and she has taken me far beyond anybody else that I have met with in the past. I have a few physical limitations and Mistress Mia takes all of these into consideration when we play. She's the only Mistress that I have played with without a safe word because I trust her that much.”

"I'd been flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress for several years and, after seeing Mistress Mia's site, I finally made the decision to take the plunge with her. I was not disappointed! The apprehension and self consciousness that I expected to feel during my first experience was completely allayed by Mistress Mia. She displayed a well developed professionalism that completely transcended my expectations and fears. As a first time novice, I can honestly say that I had a session that went well beyond my fantasies."

"Just when I think I have all of the answers, you change all of the questions. Holy shit, that was intense. Intense, awesome, phenomenal, and earth shattering. You bring out a side of me that no one else can. You had me moaning and whimpering like a little slut. I was putty in your hands. God, I can't wait to do that again. Thank you for everything and I can't wait to see the pictures!”

"Dear Mistress Mia, You may or may not remember me, but I remember you daily! in fact, my profile on fetlife was borne from our session. You gave me the name Roxxy and took my profile picture during our only session about 4 years ago. I hope you know that session was such a special experience for me and throughout all our fun that afternoon I learned quite a lot about myself and I'd like to thank you for all your kindness and guidance."

β€œGood Morning Mistress - Thank You for a TERRIFIC evening last night. It was tremendously fun for me and I can't tell You enough how much I appreciate Your exceptional ability to mold me into Your obedient little sissy slut. I've never cum 3 times successively ever in my life so that should be a good measuring stick for how excited I was being with You. Again, Thank You for making my long time dreams finally a reality. I felt VERY comfortable and an instant 'connection' with You. I can't wait to visit again."

"In my experience there are very few people active in today's Domination industry that truly "get it". Ts Mistress Mia is one of those rare few that understands a subs needs and can deliver like no one else I've seen. She "get's it" wholly and completely. I have no reservation recommending her to anyone looking for an all out, no holds barred, fetish laden, good time!"

Social Media

I do NOT have an Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp account
If you have been speaking with me on those apps you are NOT speaking with me.
My Official Only Fans site is here https://onlyfans.com/tsmissmia

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Video chats with Nicholas Tanek
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I sit down and have a few candid chats with Nicholas Tanek! The buttons below will take you to yourkinkyfriends.com! Part I was filmed May 2018 and Part II was filmed in Feb 2020!

Forced Womanhood Magazine Issue 80

Feature interview with exotic TS Mistress Mia who takes her slaves on a unique transformation, an in depth interview, exclusive pics, plus lots more!

Forced Womanhood magazine issue 80 is now discreetly available in a PDF format download for only $10 πŸŽ‰








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Same day and last minute appointments are generally not available
Sessions are normally from 10am until 8pm - 7 days a week
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