In Person Sessions are Suspended Until Further Notice

News Update / March 21, 2020

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know what's going on with me and my small domination business here in Dallas Texas. Thank you to those of you that have reached out and asked how I was doing and if there was anything you could do to help, that was awesome and thank you! I'm staying home and practicing social distancing like a responsible person, you should do the same, we'll get past this much quicker if we all do what's right and just stay home!
All of my in person domination sessions are suspended until further notice. Hopefully I will be back to doing what I love sooner rather than later, love you guys and stay safe! 


Ts Mistress Mia, Dallas TX

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Ts Mistress Mia and I'm a Pro Domme based in Dallas Texas USA.
I've been working as a full time BDSM practitioner for more than a decade.
I enjoy sessions involving tight bondage, toy play, sissy training and heavy latex mixed with my own unique brand of seduction, teasing, domination and control!

I'm a "pre-op male-to-female transsexual", that means I have male genetalia but identify emotionally and psychologically as a female in every other way. A few minutes in person with me and you'll see just how natural and feminine I truly am, any apprehension or nervousness will simply fall away and turn into excitement faster than you can say "yes Mistress"!
My personality has been described as upbeat, personable and funny. I feel that life is too short to be miserable all the time, just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to stop having fun, quite the opposite in my book!

A place to be yourself, finally!

First and foremost, let me say that your limits, your privacy, and your gender identity will always be respected here. I understand those things on an intimate level and hope to provide a calm nurturing place where you can truly let go and just be yourself. My fully equipped playspace is set up to handle most anything and everything BDSM related, this allows for all kinds of ways for us to spread our kinky wings together! Some of the more enjoyable things for me personally are showing you how good BDSM can be, how mentally liberating tight bondage actually is, how much sexier this is than sex, how addictive subspace is, how amazing it feels to have a place to be yourself, finally!

Communication is key.

A little communication will go a long way so don't be afraid to let me know what you're interested in and also what you're concerned about. If you can't have marks, I completely understand, If you're claustrophobic, I understand that too. If you want to be totally feminized from head to toe or simply treated like a slave for a couple of hours, I'm definitely here for you. Communication is key to a good session so please let me know what you expect to achieve during your time with me. 
I'd also like to thank you for trusting me to be your guide along this erotic journey and allowing me to help you realize your fetishes and fantasies, after all I'm here to help bring them to life!


I accept Gentlemen, Ladies and Couples for sessions. All gender identities are accepted and respected here. 
I session from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm 7 days a week. Early sessions are preferable! My tributes are as follows and are not negotiable.

All new clients must book at least a two hour session to begin.

There is never an upcharge, I believe in transparent pricing, what you see is exactly what you pay, no surprises.
If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason please let me know ASAP! If you cancel 24 hours (or less) prior to your appointment time you will not only lose your deposit but you will still owe the full tribute amount of the time you scheduled as I had blocked that time out in my schedule especially for you and probably turned down several other offers for that time slot. 


One Hour

One hour is perfect for clients that have sessioned with me before who know exactly what they're looking to get out of a session. I'll lazer focus on a few favorite activities!


Two Hours

Two hours is REQUIRED for new clients! It let's us get to know each other a little at first and not be rushed. We can also better explore all your kinks and fetishes!


Three Hours

Three hours is perfect for everyone, especially those that can't seem to reach subspace quickly or would like to further push their limits. The atmosphere is also more "relaxed".


There are several ways that you can pay a deposit, the easiest is to click the button and send an electronic amazon gift card to my email address.

The alternative "anonymous" method is to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase an amazon gift card in person with cash then scratch off the "claim code" area on the back of the card and send me those numbers through text or email, I'll load them into my account and you're all set!

The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your total tribute amount.
A 100 dollar card is the normal deposit amount unless instructed otherwise. 

Want to use bitcoin to make a tribute, donation, or deposit?

I now accept bitcoin for all kinds of fun things including donations, tributes, and deposits. Simply point your phones camera to the QR code over there or use the wallet address below and you're in business!
Only send Bitcoin (BTC) to this address, no other digital asset is accepted, thanks!



● New! Intensive Ponygirl and Ponyboy training! 🐎
● Hypnotism / Power of Suggestion
● Popper play (Only the BEST!)
● Paddling, Spanking, Caning, Single Tail Whipping, and Flogging
● Latex/Leather Worship and Fetish
● Foot Worship
● Bondage!
● Body fluid Play (Piss, Spit, Sweat, etc.)
● Sensual Domination
● Forced Feminization
● Cross Dressing
● Total Enclosure (Latex or Leather)
● Oral Training/Gags
● Boot/High heel Worship
● Smell Fetish (armpit, feet, etc.) 
● Face Slapping/Spitting
● Human Toilet Training
● Tease and denial
● Role Play (Mistress/slave, Nurse/patient)
● Maid Training
● Sensory Deprivation
● Trampling
● Intro to BDSM for novices
● Humiliation (Physical/Mental)
● Needle/Medical play
● Breath Play
● EROSTEK 312B and TENS unit Play
● Violet-wand Electro Play
● Corporal Punishment, Mild to Severe 
● Chastity/Keyholder
● Strap-on Toy Worship and Play
● Sissy Dress Up!
● and much more just ask!

Every gadget, gag, and gizmo!

My well equipped playspace is stocked to the brim with just about every gadget, gag, and gizmo you can imagine! I've been a Professional Mistress for many years and over that time I've aquired a large amount of "one of a kind" and "over the top" BDSM related accessories! Like a good auto mechanic a Mistress needs the right tools to get the job done and done right! Loose lug nuts just won't do (couldn't resist)!
Have you always wanted to try the Venus 2000 milker but didn't want to shell out a thousand bucks to do so? or maybe you've always been curious about a latex vacuum bed or latex bondage bag or you've been wondering about an electro experience with the Erostek or Estim2? Well wonder no more, you can experience the best those devices have to offer and more under your Mistresses watchful eye and expert tutelage! Have a special device in mind for your session? Just ask and your Mistress probably has it!

New! CD TV TS makeup and full makeover sessions!

I now offer makeover sessions with full makeup including lashes, theater/stage quality makeup, and whatever else we need to make you look amazing!  Do you have a party or event you would like to look nice for? How about getting all dolled up and taking pro style pictures for your FetLife profile or Instagram? Maybe you're scared of or not interested in BDSM but would like to just talk and have some "girl time" with another girl that understands you while having your makeup done! Whatever the reason I can make that happen, no pressure, no stress, just us girls πŸ€—


β€œThere's only one word to describe Mistress Mia, and that word is perfection. I've been meeting with Mistress Mia over the past year and she has taken me far beyond anybody else that I have met with in the past. I have a few physical limitations and Mistress Mia takes all of these into consideration when we play. She's the only Mistress that I have played with without a safe word because I trust her that much.”

"I'd been flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress for several years and, after seeing Mistress Mia's site, I finally made the decision to take the plunge with her. I was not disappointed! The apprehension and self consciousness that I expected to feel during my first experience was completely allayed by Mistress Mia. She displayed a well developed professionalism that completely transcended my expectations and fears. As a first time novice, I can honestly say that I had a session that went well beyond my fantasies."

"Looks exactly like her pictures and services provided are exactly as described on her website. If you are looking for a girl like Mia and know what you are getting into, then you definitely will not be disappointed. I had a great time and would recommend.”

"Dear Mistress Mia, You may or may not remember me, but I remember you daily! in fact, my profile on fetlife was borne from our session. You gave me the name Roxxy and took my profile picture during our only session about 4 years ago. I hope you know that session was such a special experience for me and throughout all our fun that afternoon I learned quite a lot about myself and I'd like to thank you for all your kindness and guidance."

β€œGood Morning Mistress - Thank You for a TERRIFIC evening last night. It was tremendously fun for me and I can't tell You enough how much I appreciate Your exceptional ability to mold me into Your obedient little sissy slut. I've never cum 3 times successively ever in my life so that should be a good measuring stick for how excited I was being with You. Again, Thank You for making my long time dreams finally a reality. I felt VERY comfortable and an instant 'connection' with You. I can't wait to visit again."

"In my experience there are very few people active in today's Domination industry that truly "get it". Ts Mistress Mia is one of those rare few that understands a subs needs and can deliver like no one else I've seen. She "get's it" wholly and completely. I have no reservation recommending her to anyone looking for an all out, no holds barred, fetish laden, good time!"

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Watch a 37 minute interview with me and Nicholas Tanek Feb 2020 (his website is here)!



New Client Booking/Contact Form

New clients are required to fill out the booking form below. Same day and last minute appointments are generally not available. I session from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm 7 days a week.

Contact Info

If you're ready to inquire about a real time session with me you're welcome to Call, Text, or Email me directly, if you're a new client please fill out the booking form first. I'm normally available between the hours of 10am and 10pm to talk and I will respond to your text or email as soon as I have free time to do so. Please don't expect an immediate response, I may be busy with another client or any one of a thousand other things, I will get back with you in a timely manner, I know you're excited, but patience is key.

North Dallas incall only